Return on Investment Calculator

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  • Multiply weekly hours by rate of pay x 52 weeks / 12 = Yearly
  • Monthly Saving:

    Yearly Saving:

    Purchase Orders Hours Per Week Hourly Rate Monthly yearly
    Manual Inventry Counts/Adjustments
    PO Placement/Create/Fax, Scan or Email
    Received Purchase Order Entry/Adjustments
    Writing -vs- Barcode Scanning
    Sales Order Data Entry
    Filling Out Forms Credits Etc..
    A/R Clearing Payments/Credits Adjustments
    Manual Filing/Signature Copy
    Unnecessary Phone Calls
    Due to lack of Information or a process to prevent them
    Existing Software and Computer Maintenance Costs
    Weekly Estimate Losses Weekly $ Amount
    Shrinkage Per Employee
    Miss Picks Wrong Product picked No (Bin Loc)
    Measurable Efficiency (Track Productivity) Sales, Warehouse, Driver & Spoils)
    Non Measurable Benefits:
  • Customer Interaction
  • Public and Company Perception
  • The Ability To Grow
  • Tracking Product Movement (Increasing Turns)
  • Ability to increase Scalable inventory
  • Key Reports, Access to Vital Information
  • Peace of Mind
  • $

    Work Smarter not Harder